Positano Staff MembersTwo Italians from Positano, a holiday resort on the Amalfi coast, near Sorrento, came to Plymouth for six months to perfect their English. The six months has now extended itself 38 years and now Luciano Costantin and Sabato Cinque have married here, and raised families and opened The Postiano. They have never forgotton their origins and try to visit their home each year.For years they worked in an Italian Restaurant on the Barbican which sadly suffered the effects if the recession in the early 90’s. So these two men decided it was time for them to carve a slightly different future for themselves. The site of the Positano was originally a takeaway pizza and pasta place. It still continues this tradition but a restaurant has been added to look after the buissness fraternity in the city – and anyone one else who want to try the true flavour of Italian cuisine. The dishes are from every region of Italy and these two charming, and likeable men, specialise in veal dishes and fish, fresh from the Barbican. Accompanied by a wine from the large selection from Italy or the Italian beer Peroni. The deserts are unmistakably Italian. Luciano says that “the most popular of their luscious concoctions is Tiramisu which is one of the most recognisable of Italian deserts”. The restaurant has been consistently excellent in service and food for more than twenty years now. This has created a real hardcore regular customer client base, that continues to eat at the Positano. Positano’s greatest accolade is word of mouth which continues to bring new customers in to sample the delightful dinning experience that is the Positano Restaurant.

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“Fantastic service, great food”
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“first but not the last time”
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“Highly recommended for anyone wanting to guarantee superb food and service”
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“An absolute gem”
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“Real nice food and a great atmosphere”
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